How to change twitter profile picture on mac

Download and the Twitter app on your phone. You cannot simply navigate to Twitter. The mobile site does not have nearly the same number of features as the app does, and one of these features is the ability to add a profile picture.

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Open the Twitter app and log in to your account. Though it goes without saying, you can only add a profile picture while you're logged in. Press the small "Me" button in the bottom right corner. The bottom of the app has five tabs to take you to different parts of Twitter. To change your profile picture, click the "Me" button to go to your profile. If this doesn't work immediately, double-tap the Me icon to bring it up.

Click on the "Edit Profile" Button to bring up the picture editor.

This is usually near the top, often right next to your profile picture. Click on the small, square "egg" profile picture to change it yourself. In the edit profile mode, your default profile picture the egg is covered with a gray camera icon. Click this to change your picture.

How to Resize Pictures for Twitter

Choose whether or not to upload a new picture, or choose one from your phone's library. Both options will let you lightly edit, crop, and adjust the picture before it becomes your profile picture, so it doesn't have to be perfect immediately.

Profile pictures must be 2MB or smaller. This isn't usually a problem for a small photo, but you can learn how to shrink your photos if this is an issue. Aim for a square, clear picture. The actual profile box will appear, at it's largest, as a x pixel square. Once you're picture is uploaded, use Twitter's cropping and photo editing tools to get a good, square shot as your profile picture. Profiles with clear, face-forward pictures are the best at attracting followers.

Click on "Edit Profile" and you'll see an icon with a camera over it. Click on that, and choose either "Take Photo" or "Photo Library. When you are done, press the "Save" button in the upper right hand corner. Yes No. Not Helpful 3 Helpful 8. Wisdom Fighters. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 2. Edit your picture using software or an app to make your picture look different and stand out.

macOS Sierra - How To Change Account Picture

Not Helpful 1 Helpful 3. I have cropped my profile photo to the recommended size, and when I upload, Twitter says that it was successfully uploaded. But when I send a tweet, a blank picture appears. What did I do wrong? Not Helpful 4 Helpful 2. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 0. Just click or tap it to view Twitter options. I can only get to upload an image in a circle, not a square.

How do I change it to appear in a square? You can't change it to square, Twitter redesigned their layout in I go through all the steps to add a new profile pic to the Twitter page.

How do I change my Twitter profile picture? - Ask Dave Taylor

It says the edit was done; I save it and the photo doesn't show - all I get is a white circle. Is there someone who knows how I can change my twitter account on my mac app? Posted on Jul 7, 7: Page content loaded. Jul 7, 8: Please describe what you tried to delete your old Twitter account and what happened when you did it. It might also be helpful to the the next user who sees this thread if you told us which model and year MacBook Air you have and what version of the system you run on it.

Some of the suggestions might depend on either or both. Jul 7, 9: But I forgot to sign out it from the app on my mac before I deactivated. OK that's how you deactivated your Twitter account on Twitter, but I was responding to this part of your post: Please describe how you tried to delete your old Twitter account from your Mac and what happened when you did it. It should probably start with a visit to the System Preferences application, not a web site. It would be helpful to me or the next user who sees this thread if you told us which model and year MacBook Air you have and what version of the system you run on it.

The important button will be on the right:. Edit profile. Click on it to get to your own profile in an editable form, and your profile picture will also have an overlay that tells you pretty much everything you need to know:. Guess what to do next. Click on the camera icon?

You can also update your banner graphic if you want with a very similar process. The end result can be quite an improvement:.