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You can then release the file when appropriate into the desired location. If all of this sounds weird, be sure to check out our tutorial video above, which quickly demonstrates how it all goes down. As shown in the latter stages of the video, you can even use this technique to share text snippets between full screen apps.

Toggle Full Screen Mode with a Keyboard Shortcut in Mac OS X

Keep in mind that this is just one of many ways to move items to and from apps, full screen or otherwise. A collection of tutorials from the 9to5Mac team helping you fix and get the most out of your Mac and iOS devices. Jeff produces videos, walkthroughs, how-tos, written tutorials and reviews. He takes pride in being able to explain things in a simple, clear and concise manner. March 3, Jeff Benjamin's favorite gear.

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Does anyone use full screen apps on their Macs? I've been using the Mac since OS 9. I've tried multiple times to use full screen apps but always end up getting frustrated with it and abandoning my attempt. Does anyone use it regularly? If so what are some scenarios that you find it useful for? I use a Magic Trackpad to swipe between workspaces.

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Works well for me. Thanks for the description. You reminded me of split view and i'm going to give that a go for apps i dont use drag and drop on. I like to keep discord, safari, and preview all in fullscreen mode so I can quickly swipe back and forth between them when using roll All the time, more screen space on my MacBook.

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Then I can just swipe across the trackpad to change app. What issues do you have with using apps full screen?

Fullscreen Shortcut for a Mac : Macs & Apple Computers

Is it something specific to "pro" apps, like Final Cut, etc? Doesn't it just basically get rid of the Dock and Status bar, giving you more real estate? Swiping back and forth between 3 finger gesture them is nice. I'd say that my biggest issue is drag and drop. I generally have 2 to 3 apps open on the screen at the same time and drag and drop things between them. When I use full screen and have to drag and drop things between apps it feels woefully unnatural.

How to avoid a blank second display when using full-screen mode in an OS X app

If i'm using a mouse then i have to use my left hand to gesture between the full screens. If i'm using a trackpad then i have to hold the items while the other fingers do the 3 finger gesture. When dragging a file in full screen mode, try dragging it to the very top of the screen you might have to do another swipe up to trigger it once you're at the top of the screen. There should be a dock that pops up, showing you all desktops and windows that you have running. Then just drag to wherever you want to take it, hold for a second until it opens that window, and then drop it wherever you want it to be.

Just did a quick and dirty test dragging an image from full-screen Safari to a full-screen New Message pane in Mail. So it's possible and it works, but your point stands. It's pretty clunky and it's much easier to drag files between apps that aren't in full screen mode. I completly forgot about Full Screen Split Screen mode and will try that on some apps that i dont use drag and drop with trello, itunes, calender.

Also set up mouse hot corners. Get a hot corner for showing the desktop, grab the file, hot corner to get window back, drop it. Or drag it to the top of the screen to show your available workspaces and hover it over one of them to go there and then drop it. I drag and drop all the time too. I use full screen all the time. I use it when I'm developing for example or making music. For example, right now I have Slack open side-by-side with my terminal as I'm reading things in company chat and working on things.


I have my IDE on a second screen and I have that on full screen for maximum real estate. It's an incredibly irritating time when you can't hover a finder window over whatever's open.

macOS: Entering Fullscreen Mode With a Keyboard Shortcut - The Mac Observer

I use it all the time on my MacBook at home. Since it has a giant track pad, it's super easy to just swipe through different apps. I usually keep Chrome, iTunes, Fantastical and Spark open in full screen at all times and I always keep Photos in full screen when I'm using it too. Smaller apps like iMessages, Reminders or Finder work better as small windows so I leave them that way. On my work Mac, it's a completely different scenario. I use a mouse so it's harder to swipe through full screen spaces and most of the apps I'm working in are outdated and don't even support full screen.

I pretty much just have a bunch of shit open all over both of my monitors in a complete mess and use Expose to navigate. Sometimes for web development I keep the editor in one full screen and the browser in another so I can swap back and forth to test things out. I use it every day. To the left of my main desktop, I almost always have an app in fullscreen that is a calendar and homework organizer. I also often browse PDFs in fullscreen.

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I like being able to quickly use trackpad gestures to navigate between them and it helps clean up my desktop if I have a lot of applications running. I find it a bit less useful if I'm using a monitor with a wireless keyboard and not my trackpad. Are you more a desktop or laptop Mac user? Main machine is a 15" macbook pro. I find that using the whole screen for one app just isn't practical.

If i had a 12" macbook i might find it necessary. This is the reason I don't use it. When you're flipping back and forth between apps a lot terminal and browser all the time waiting for an animation to play really adds up.

Only Preview, only sometimes, and movies most of the time. Full screen on a 27" retina display just doesn't make lots of sense. I use it all the time for Photoshop and XCode - apps where you often need as much screen space as possible. Yes, all the time.