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Quests are tracked on the minimap, abilities are learned automatically upon leveling, and combat is fairly static. Characters automatically learn both passive and active skills as they level up. To further character customization, you have class traits, virtue traits, and racial traits. These traits provide special skills or fast travel abilities. Both Virtue and Racial traits have their own talent tree.

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This system is actually quite in-depth and gives players a great sense of progression as they level up. Deeds are similar to achievements in other games and can be divided into four categories: Different types of deeds are completed in different ways. Deeds also reward Turbine Points, which can be used in the Cash Shop. You then have Titles, which are earned by completing deeds, or mastering professions.

There is also a housing system in the game, which becomes unlocked at Level There are 3 types of houses available, with 2 of them being personal houses, and the largest one being available only to kinships guilds. Too bad player housing is in its own unique instanced area. It'd be cool to see player housing in the persistent world, but as far as I know, Ultima Online is the only game to ever have attempted that.

Finally, you have the reputation system, which is similar to the one found in WoW. Players can earn reputation with a faction through daily quests, killing mobs, or running instances, which then unlocks certain rewards, such as items, recipes, and various other services. When it comes to PvE, you have quest instances, world instances, raids, public dungeons, and skirmishes.

Yes, Mac Pros run lotro well.

Quest instances are designed for one player or a small group, and they are used for storytelling purposes. The beginning tutorial is an example of a quest instance. World instances are designed for a small or full fellowship party , and they have quests, deeds, and boss encounters within them.

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Raids are designed for two or three full fellowships players and they involve defeating large, powerful bosses for high quality items. Skirmishes are instances that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. A Skirmish can take anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes and they can be adjusted for either solo, duo, small, or full fellowship, and raid size groups. Lord of the Rings Online has a unique PvP system. Monster Player or Monster Play.

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The combat takes place in the Ettenmoors, where the heroes and monsters fight for control over 5 keeps. By participating in the fray, players gain ranks and commendations. There are 15 ranks in total, which progressively unlock better equipment for heroes, and better stats and armor for monsters.

Commendations can be used to buy stat improvements, skills, and cosmetic upgrades. Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. Surprised and happy to see a Mac client but i5 processor minimum? I can play in bootcamp, as I have before, and know my MacBook Pro can handle this easily. Anyone have any luck with a DuoCore with Mac version?

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Showing 1 - 15 of 15 comments. Badshooter View Profile View Posts. I haven't tried it yet but I agree they are excessive. This game is quite old and I'm amazed that the mac requires 70 gbs while the pc only asks for 10 gbs.

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I'm curious as to why that is, must have to do with the way they coded the mac port, with the same reason going for the processor requirement. Because MACs are excessive and extraneous by nature. Rathlord View Profile View Posts. Seriously though, if this is 70GB I'm not even going to install that's insane. That's larger than probably half a dozen normal MMO's, and bloated ugly ones at that.

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World of Warcraft: Diablo 3: This is absoluely insane. As noted, an ssd cuts down on load times. I ran Lotro on about three different laptops. If you want it to last, cooling is key, Asus designs seem best for this and lasted longest for me.

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Compare on Wikipedia's charts of actual rendering speeds. I had to run on low settings, and framerate wasn't always great, but it ran. I've got a full desktop now, but that got me throught. So long as you have a dedicated video card, you should be fine. Having an SSD helps to really reduce loading times, but its not absolutely necessary. Below the System Requirements, is a section with quotes from Turbine support about these specs and especially about Graphics Casrds.

Supposedly a new set of Specs was being developed in recent months, however nothing new had been posted prior to the recent layoffs. A top end laptop will never perform as well as a top end desktop. With that said; LOTRO does not require killer specs to play as it is not optimized with the technology today still a 32bit. In addition, its coding is sloppy due to many cooks in the kitchen.

The end result is even someone that has a top end machine can lag. Plan for future use, buying a lower end one may handcuff them. Hate for them to have to upgrade again in 6 months because the found a game that the system cannot handle. Budget is definitely needed. Dropping 1. Yeah, I really won't be playing very graphically intensive games. I'm married and have my 3 kid on the way a 3rd boy!

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Fill out their form with your budget and needs and they'll suggest some models for you to look at. Solid State Disk. It's a very fast drive.