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Also playing with the Flash privacy settings seemed to have some effect, but often enforcing a stricter privacy would only make things not work at all The first line is missing the escape character for the space in the path. So, when using copy and paste, use the following instead:. When the cd -command fails, the 3rd line will in fact create a new byte database file places. That file is not used by Firefox of course, so may be deleted.

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More Mac Sites: Macworld MacUser iPhone Central. If, like me, you hate it when your MacBook's fans start to whine while watching YouTube, you should skip Safari even 4. A comparison of the Activity Monitor results, using the same video in each browser, showed these figures: Safari 4. Further remarkable is the fact that Camino split the workload across the cores nearly evenly.

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I tested on a Macbook 1. I did a quick test using my 2. I also added Firefox to the mix, and my results were a bit different than above. However, there wasn't any notable difference between OmniWeb, Firefox, and Safari 4. More experimentation is needed, but it definitely seems that Camino does the best job of minimizing CPU usage during Flash playback. The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.

Flash (or safari web content) using excessive amounts of CPU | MacRumors Forums

This site is not responsible for what they say. VictorPimentel on Mar 04, '09 If a task must process some data, why not have it use all available CPU resources so the task can be completed as quickly as possible? Would you be happier if the task took longer because it was constrained to use a smaller percentage of the available resource? Hi Kevin, I don't understand your argument. Flash 10 is SMP enabled Authored by: While a year may be an eternity in the field of technology advancements, in the area of corporate business, it is barely a blip, as corporations tend to move at a glacial pace.

And yet, so many of them have so quickly made this move away from Flash, clearly recognising the power of iOS and its intelligent and affluent customer base. THis trend will surely continue at even faster pace, until Flash content remains that niche area where absolutely no amount of creativity can replicate the functionality without using Flash. That is exactly where Flash belongs — esoteric, niche market corners. Unfortunately, Flash is used by large broadcasters in UK for streaming content.

It works for their copyright control and who can blame them. I like watching iPlayer or 4oD or whatever. It pisses me off that one company can attempt to sideline one technology…for what? Tuesday, September 6, - 1: For a very, very good reason. Flash is actually NOT necessary in order to deliver the content your UK streaming providers are delivering. Even for DRM delivery, there are now alternative options.

HTML5 vs Flash 10.1 CPU usage compare

It is not Apple that is alienating users; it is content owners who refuse to deliver their content to the affluent, intelligent and educated users that iOS brings to the market. Users are not going to abandon their expensive devices, just so that they can get to some Flash content somewhere.

Flash (or safari web content) using excessive amounts of CPU

Also the BBC was still using real media up until a few years ago. I find that on YouTube the flash version of videos loads 2 to 3 times faster than the H version. In fact, the H version often stalls completely half way through loading. And playing either format sends my CPU usage soaring.

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    Email Address. Powered by WordPress. This site requires javascript. Please enable javascript to continue. RobertJ wrote: I just tested this streaming video http: So once again, to clarify: I wonder can others reproduce this phenomenon and what can cause it. Difference between plug-in integrations? I went to the bet Sort of like IE on Win. Search Boards: We're not affiliated or endorsed by the Mozilla Corporation but we love them just the same. That sounds logical. However it seems to me that Safari doesn't simply push that "missing" CPU load down to some low level OS processes because then the global sum of CPU usage would be the same, no?

    Somehow it simply uses less CPU Too bad, I have to keep the latter just for videos.