Alert no internet connection mac mountain lion

More than once i have had to stop myself from heaving it out the front door. I am so very disappointed. Thanks guys. I just got this new imac and suddenly had this incredible stupid problem. Updated and tried everything. As Asterion wrote: The Mac OS wifi should be bullet-proof.

Feel that I needed to hack my new Imac to make internet work… Have spent to long time on this. I need to work. Wanted to give it back to the shop. I have just bought this new macbook pro and would also happily trash it — I have tried every fix above that I am able to do knowing practically nothing about computers and being new to the mac but no solution works for more than a short while.

Just another point — the numbers appear and repopulate sometimes and other times all I get is the prompt for the password, no numbers. If only I had done a bit of research first — never heard a bad word about mac before this. This worked for me! As of this morning, all things works.

The wifi was the shakiest part of the problem, but this work! Thanks a bunch! Blessings to you! Download speed is about 5 times higher now as well! So far so good with my mid iMac. Nothing like losing the connection in the middle of a mb upload. Tried all of the above with no luck. I found an obscure non-Apple related reference to someone else having internet dropout issues with this and other D-Links. Anyway, after changing this setting on the router I have been internet dropout-free for almost 24 hours so far. Time will tell of course. I had similar problems.

It all started when I went from Snow Leopard to Lion a clean install on my mid Tried all the tweaks but nothing worked.

No internet connection alert in Macbook Pro

Both my iPads were fine and never ever dropped out. Came across the Rys Sommefeldt article Google it and liked his logic ie to change one of the Lion drivers back to that that was in Snow Leopard — and yes it can be reversed. Yes, I can hear the howls of anguish coming from all the purists and the Apple people but the bottom line is that it worked for ME. Ran for a couple of days like this with no problems.

Connect to WiFi (Mac OS 10.8 Mountain Lion)

Then thought why not try a clean install of Lion. So I did, complete with all updates and all my usual software. Going great at present, no WiFi dropouts at all. So for a quick fix, try changing back to the Snow Leopard WiFi firmware as per the article. If you have more time to spare, try a new install of Lion on your erased iMac HD.

I just bought the newest version of the Macbook Air June I was having the same issues connecting to the internet even though I was connected to the wi-fi. This solution worked. Very easy to follow. It just works! Had to reboot to fix it. This is so much better! Just bought an iMac, when booting for te first time, it asked me for wi-fi connection. Entered all the info, guess what no connection? Following these instructions and adding the new location worked. Now the router name is appearing in Keychain. I tried these tips, but i dont get an ip adress or any numbers when i press the renew DHCP lease button.

OS X Mountain Lion and later

And when I unplug my ethernetcable i get a wireless sign with an exclamation point in it. And the wifi says no ip adress. Hope you can help me! And the weirdest thing is all my roommates use the same wireless even one also has the macbook pro, and i can connect to other routers but this one just doesnt want to connect with my mac. The problem is the wireless in lion is randomly searching for other and new connections. It disconnects when it does the searching.

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  5. Alert: No Internet Connection.

NO way to turn that off as its built into os. I bought my imac three weeks ago from JB hi fi in Sydney. Will have to see if I can get a refund…really upset? Brilliant… solved my problem that when i turn the router off and on, I would have to go through the wifi icon and select the network, not it does it without me having to do anything I turn the wifi off and on constantly because it is an android hotspot, and i take my phone with me.

Adding a new location worked!!! Finally, after a year of dropped connections, all it took was this!! Thank you OSX Daily! I was getting desperate, tried everything on al the support sites, found this and it works!. Now I can get back to work. Many, many thanks. I just want to help you: I wasss so frustrated so i know what you feel! We have macbook pro 17 inch and old macbook air. At home we had the same problem. Put this in my broswer: I upgraded our iMac to OS Lion in May or so, and have had nothing but problems with my internet connection since. Those who are saying this works are just experiencing the effects of a temporary work around.

They probably too, dont use the wifi enough to experience the problems most of us do. SO frustrating. I tried this fix and it seems to have worked. One strike, Apple! Was skeptical about messing around with the network configurations since I am not a very tech savvy person but in the end I figured it was worth a shot! Pure genius!!!!! Thanks so much for posting this solution. I can stop tearing my hair out!

Had this same issue, but fixed it. The problem only occurred when I left my laptop, apparently Lion is aggressive in trying to save power. For me I just set my Air to never sleep when plugged in. Wifi failed on my iMac within 2 minutes after trying the fix. Not related with power issues whatsoever. I was busy working, but had to stop really soon…. I did a fist pump when it worked!! I was so worried cos I am absolutely hopeless with computers but you saved me: D thank you in abundance for sharing your wisdom!

Huge ups! Worked perfectly. No it didnt work on my mac I did everything… bit still no Please i need a real help. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. This Solution Works Nov 6, - Comments. Enter your email address below: Posted by: Darren says: November 6, at 3: Tjerk says: December 10, at 3: November 9, at 4: November 10, at November 6, at 4: Xenia says: September 16, at 2: Lucas says: September 20, at 8: Brian says: Patrick says: November 6, at 6: Dainius says: November 7, at 2: Sky says: November 7, at 4: April 4, at 8: April 5, at 5: October 8, at 9: November 13, at 6: Kenstaa says: November 29, at 7: Jao says: April 24, at 7: Luigi says: June 24, at 3: Neil says: May 12, at 3: Fraggl says: Mike says: November 7, at 6: November 7, at 8: Avete ancora problemi con il WiFi su Lion?

Ecco una soluzione Guida.

More Advanced WiFi Troubleshooting Tips

Passerby says: November 7, at November 29, at 8: Lucy65 says: December 1, at 4: Sharke says: Thomas says: Brilliant things says: November 8, at 4: Alan says: November 8, at 9: November 8, at November 9, at 8: November 9, at 9: David says: November 21, at 8: February 14, at 9: Mass says: October 14, at 1: Frankie says: December 20, at 7: Flavio Baiao says: May 16, at September 3, at 9: Nathan says: November 9, at November 9, at 7: November 10, at 3: November 10, at 4: November 10, at 5: Allen Dunahoo says: November 10, at 6: Buntbaer says: Jesse Segovia says: November 11, at 2: Don Brandt says: November 11, at 5: November 12, at 2: November 12, at 6: Crispy croutons says: August 26, at November 13, at 3: RC says: November 14, at 2: November 15, at 5: January 8, at Liesl says: November 15, at November 16, at 1: Linda Jackson says: November 16, at 5: Gsjsbaker says: November 17, at 3: Adeel says: November 17, at 7: Karen says: November 17, at 8: LMCG says: Hans says: November 26, at 2: November 27, at TempD says: November 28, at JWann says: Matt says: November 29, at 3: Bruce says: July 25, at TYR says: November 30, at 9: Ed Hiam says: December 1, at 2: MacMarc says: December 2, at 9: Chadd says: December 4, at Sinsear says: December 6, at 9: JS says: December 9, at 3: Veloso says: December 12, at 4: December 14, at 5: Cicero says: December 16, at 1: Callum says: December 19, at 9: Michael says: December 21, at 5: December 22, at 7: Laura says: April 29, at 6: Juzail says: December 23, at 8: Adkai says: December 23, at 9: Rhett says: December 26, at 1: December 28, at 3: Andy says: December 29, at 2: Maureen says: December 29, at 9: December 30, at Annemarie says: December 31, at 1: Ellis Jay says: January 2, at Caro says: January 2, at 3: TFE says: January 4, at 3: January 4, at 5: Ethan says: January 8, at 5: Jan Peeters says: January 10, at Jim J.

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Think about Internet connectivity. Remember the lengthy screech and squeal of a modem handshaking with your ISP? Today, thanks to wireless networking and broadband Internet connections , you can open your MacBook Air and be browsing the Web within moments. At least, you can when Wi-Fi is working properly. As a consultant, I occasionally come across a Mac that insists that you choose the Wi-Fi network from the menu bar icon every time.

Alert: No Internet Connection | MacRumors Forums

Here are a few troubleshooting steps that should fix it. Restart the Wireless Router — The next step is to reboot the wireless router, often an AirPort base station. Just as many issues are solved by restarting the Mac, the same goes for Wi-Fi hardware. These devices often lack reset or power switches, so the easiest way to restart them is to pull the power.

Once the wireless router is back up this can take another minute or two , see if the Mac can connect to the Wi-Fi network. To fix this, delete the connection and recreate it. Follow these steps:. Click the Advanced button at the bottom right of the window. This is where your Mac remembers Wi-Fi details that enable it to connect automatically the next time that network is available. Wait for the right wireless network to appear. Select it and click the OK button, entering the network password if prompted. Restart your Mac to see if your it joins the network automatically. Are you on, and does it stay on?

If yes, congratulations! If not… onward and upward. Creating a new location gives you a clean slate of wireless network settings and may clear up any remaining glitches. Using the buttons at the bottom, you can add or remove any network services that you never use, and set the order by choosing Set Service Order from the pop-up gear menu. Once everything is adjusted probably with Wi-Fi at the top , click the Apply button. Does your Wi-Fi stay connected? It should! Last Ditch Efforts — Of course, there are a number of other reasons why Wi-Fi connections can be problematic, and some of them can be difficult to fix.

For instance:. Worse yet, wireless routers do die, despite their lack of moving parts. Luckily, you usually get new Wi-Fi flavors when you upgrade. If all else fails, calling Apple is your best bet.

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Has anyone created a utility to edit the wifi network list? It's a real pain to find individual networks it's not like Apple gives a search option. Surely there must be an easier way? I often hit this problem after my MacBook Pro wakes from sleep. Sometimes it takes a couple of goes. Hi James, That's exactly the point!

You shouldn't have to do that at all. See if deleting and recreating the network, or making a new Location, helps your laptop connect automatically. It seems that the local network doesn't recognize the DNS. Since I can't change the router, I have created a 'location' that is as 'plain Jane' as possible with no DNS specified. That seems to work every time.

Another possibility is a corrupted keychain key. Open Keychain Utility and delete the key for the network that the Mac is failing to connect to automatically. You'll have to reconnect to the network as if it were one you've never used before, but after that hopefully your Mac will remember it and join automatically. In the section "Recreate your preferred network", I am told "Select the Wi-Fi connection in the list of network services on the left. So Wi-Fi appears in the list of network services on the left of the Network pane? And what happens when you select it?

I've gone through 3 hubs so far Anker and Buffalo and when I connect them to one of the 2 available USB 3 ports on my MBP retina inch late model it often causes the wi-fi to stop. Apparently there are interferences with the 2.